A Casual Dev Meetup in Islamabad

Next Event : Saturday September 8th 2018 Build your own blockchain with JavaScript Future of web in the era of IOT Scaling up Node.js server Venue : TBA
Time : 5pm to 7pm
Talks for the event

An evening to spend together, find other developers doing great work, discuss problems, learn new things, make new friends and enjoy free coffee and snacks.

The meetup is intended for professionals only.

Please sign up.

Give us a promise (ha!) that you're coming.
You'll be garbage-collected if you don't come.


  • Build your own blockchain using JavaScript

    Jawad Sadiq

    A quick intro to what blockchain is and how to write blockchain in JavaScript.

  • Future of web in the era of IOT

    Zain Rana

    Create exciting 360 and VR experiences using React.

  • Scaling up Node.js server

    Syed Waleed Ali

    Tips and tricks for scaling a production Node.js server.