A Casual Dev Meetup in Islamabad

Date : 11th December 2016 eBPF and IO Visor Project Introduction to Erlang Programming Games in Unity Functional JavaScript Venue : House #4, Palm Street AQ Khan Road Bani Gala
Time : 12 pm to 3pm

An evening to spend together, find other developers doing great work, discuss problems, learn new things, make new friends and enjoy free coffee and snacks.

The meetup is intended for professionals only.

If you want to speak next, send a pull request on Github
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Give us a promise (ha!) that you're coming.
You'll be garbage-collected if you don't come.


  • Functional JavaScript

    Fawad Hassan

    A practical guide to start writing expressive JavaScript.

  • Introduction to Erlang

    Ali Hassan

    How Erlang differs, and why it’s a good choice to write fault tolerant and scalable systems.

  • Programming Games in Unity

    Sohail Siddiqui

    Write games using WebGL in Unityfor browsers with JavaScript.

  • eBPF and IO Visor Project

    Affan Syed

    Run a program inside Linux Kernel using eBPF and it's applicaiton for cloud applications.